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Spring is in the air

Published on March 25, 2015

Spring is traditionally a time when the housing market improves and you may be thinking of putting your house on the market. There are steps you can take to make your property more saleable:


Kerb appeal

Clear pathways; tidy the garden or parking area,

Repair and paint the fences, make sure the number or

Name is prominent and that the doorbell works!

Maintenance and repairs

Get all those niggling jobs done! They needn’t cost a lot of money, just a little time.


Be ruthless and get into the garage, loft, shed, under the stairs, all the cupboards and kitchen units.


Legal Process

You can also take steps to prepare for the legal process, so when a buyer has been found you can proceed quickly:

  1. Where are the Title deeds? Deeds are always useful and they may contain documents which may be needed. If they are held by a bank or solicitor, request them now.
  2. Gather together all receipts, inspection reports and guarantees for work and maintenance carried out at the property. This could include damp proof, roof repairs, CH repairs or annual maintenance, facias and guttering. Put them in a folder to give to your solicitor.
  3. If you have to pay ground rent or if it is a flat and there are service charges, make sure paid they are paid and find receipts. If lost obtain copies now.
  4. Get your finances in order. If there is a mortgage to pay off, know the balance. If you are buying and require finance you will need to put in place your lending requirements in principle. Regarding legal costs and other costs (known as disbursements- such as search fees and registration fees), talk to a solicitor to obtain an estimate of what these total costs will be including any stamp duty on the purchase.

At Campion’s we will guide you through the whole legal process and give you a clear quote including all disbursements.

Contact Gemma Scott – gemma@campionsolicitors.co.uk

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