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Walking the Walls for Women’s Day

Heswall Soroptimists

Published on March 25, 2015

In March Heswall Soroptimists marked International Women’s Day by ‘Walking the Walls’ of Chester.

The event was organised as part of Soroptimists International’s programme of activities supporting The United Nations’ initiative to empower women by enabling them to exercise their rights to live in a society free from violence and discrimination, to be educated, to earn an income, and to participate in politics.

The purpose of the walk around the walls of Chester was to highlight the specific issue of violence against women whether it is in the form of domestic abuse in our own society or of the trafficking of women for the sex trade.

Heswall Soroptimists were joined on the walk by other Soroptimists clubs from The Wirral and Cheshire. Placards highlighting some of the key issues relating to violence against women were carried, and members of the public were asked to sign a petition to ban advertising sex for sale. The hope is that legislation will be passed to implement a ban, but before this can happen, a petition with a hundred thousand signatures is needed in order to trigger a debate on the subject in Parliament. The walk around the walls of Chester certainly helped to bring that goal a little bit nearer.